Our Services

We are a full-service medical dermatology clinic providing years of clinical expertise, diagnosis and advanced treatment solutions for a full range of skin conditions. We offer comprehensive, professional and individualized treatment options for adults, seniors and children.

Health Services

Skin Cancer

Many skin cancers are non life-threatening however can pose pain and complications if left untreated. Dr. Richard Lewis has extensive training and experience in the diagnosis, destruction, removal and management of skin cancer and related conditions.


This chronic condition causes irritating and sometimes embarrassing skin rashes, however, eczema is manageable. Our individualized focus on symptom resolution will aid patients in reducing triggers and preventing flare-ups.

Moles (Mole Patrol)

Dermatoscope technology can determine early changes in skin lesions to determine clinical pre-cancer and treatable skin cancer. Detailed mole diagnosis is performed within our medical office. Some biopsies and removals can be performed if required at an extra fee.


This genetic disorder causes red and inflamed skin rashes that often have a whitish scaly appearance. Through patient consult, we will determine trigger points and find a personalized solution to reduce symptoms with topical or combined treatment.

Nail Conditions

These sometimes painful and embarrassing nail conditions can be alleviated through a number of topical techniques. Dr. Lewis will perform a full evaluation to confirm your condition and advise the best course of action.


There are six forms of rosacea, each requiring specific controlling measures.

Cosmetic Services


On average, each CoolSculpting procedure results in a partial reduction of fat in the treated area. After the initial treatment is complete, you can attain further reductions with additional procedures.


Botox is a temporary solution to reduce the activity in facial muscles where it is professionally injected. Dr. Lewis is professionally trained and has decades of medical dermatology experience enabling him to ensure accuracy with all of his enhancement procedures.


Achieving consistently clear, healthy and beautiful skin is possible. Our medical office offers a variety of treatment options along with home skin-care products and techniques to help patients maintain that vibrant glow.

Wrinkles Treatment

These folds or creases in the skin are derived from a number of factors including heredity, sun damage, muscle pull and gravity. A number of solutions both temporary and permanent are available to you through our medical office and will be presented to you during your client consultation.

Facial Veins

It is now possible to remove facial veins safely without leaving a scar using new laser technology. Some lasers break the tiny vessels into fragments which are then removed by the body's natural cleansing mechanism leaving behind healed skin.